The History Behind Splitlimb Ranch in Raymondville, Missouri

Andrew and Kelly Dietsch moved to Raymondville, MO, in January 2009. The Dietsches purchased the Splitlimb Game Ranch in late 2008, renaming it the A & K Ranch. In January 2010, they established the Splitlimb Ranch Guest Lodge so that others could enjoy the ranch. Prior to 2008, while known as Splitlimb Game Ranch, the Guest Lodge was rented to hunters, who hunted game birds and exotic animals on the 650+ -acre ranch. Andy and Kelly's dream has always been to own and manage their own farm. They also desire to share their ranch with others, by providing couples and/or families with an affordable bed and breakfast vacation, in an area rich with Ozark treasures and culture.

Andy has farmed almost his entire life.

In New Jersey, he managed a "calf-cow" operation (with 70 cows), and raised 50 breeding hogs, goats, rabbits, and 600 chickens for egg production. He also produced his own hay and corn. He later started up a vegetable operation, creating a market and selling produce right from the farm. He then was hired by the neighboring farm to help them transition from a "gentleman's farm" to yet another small vegetable farm. He and his wife, Kelly, also ran a maple syrup farm for several years. 

Kelly also has some farming experience, working on two different dairy farms in MD and PA. She worked with the National Park Service (in PA, UT, AZ, and CA) for 12 years, presenting tours and educational programs. Most recently Kelly directed a summer day camp in NJ for 300 children and teens. 

Now Andy and Kelly have realized their dream,

As they own and manage their own farm in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Raymondville, Missouri, Andy, Kelly, and their two sons (Tyler and James) keep busy caring for the animals, the garden, and the property. They raise elk, Beefalo cattle, chickens, hogs (part of the year) and Flemish Giant rabbits.

They also grow all their own vegetables in the summer, canning and freezing a variety of their produce. Kelly sells fresh farm eggs and fresh garden produce when available. Andy, Kelly, and the boys would love to share some of the Ozarks' beauty and wildness with you.