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Flemish Giant Rabbits

Kelly and her new rabbitry
The Flemish Giant breed originated in Belgium and France. The breed was imported to America in the early 1890s in an effort to increase the size of meat rabbits. Known also as "gentle giants" for their docile personality, Flemish Giants are popular for their use as pets, for show, and for meat. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes seven different colors: fawn, sandy, light gray, blue, black and white. Flemish Giants are the second oldest domesticated rabbit breed in the United States.

Kelly began raising Flemish Giants in 2009. She started with one Sandy Doe, Glenda, and a Light Gray Buck, Silver King, both who are now "retired." Kelly currently has 5 breeding does and 2 breeding bucks, with younger ones on the way. She has introduced new bloodlines into her rabbitry and is focusing on improving the colors of her rabbits. A&K Rabbitry has litters throughout the year and raise all seven colors.
"Pearl Jam" our young Blue Buck
Our 1 year-old Fawn Doe, "Trinity"
Our Steel Doe, "Deliverance"
3 years old
"Olivia" our 2 year old White Doe
"Thor" our Blue Buck
2 years old
"Cedric" our 1 year old
Pedigree Fawn Buck
Deliverance with some of her kits
6 week old kits
Young kits

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