Flemish Giant Rabbits

Purebred and Healthy Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale

Rabbits for sale

A & K Ranch also raises and sells Flemish Giant Rabbits. These "gentle giants" make great pets. They are also good meat rabbits due to their large size. Males weigh an average of 12-15 pounds, while females weigh an average of 15-20 pounds. Kelly breeds and raises all seven colors recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Our breeding does are: Josey and Jolene, sandy; Paris Hilton and Ellie Mae, fawn; Geneva, steel; Rona and Rada, light gray; Raven, black; Lorraine, white; Tessla and Buttercup, blue. Our bucks are: Knox and Griffendor, light gray; Wesley, blue; Orrick and Roanoak, fawn. Many of our rabbits are pedigreed Flemish Giants. Please call for availability.