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A&K Ranch began raising Beefalo cattle in 2009. They have at the present time 80 head of Beefalo. Andy first started raising Beefalo 25 years ago in New Jersey. He enjoyed working with them so much, he and his wife Kelly decided to start up a herd here in the Missouri Ozarks. A&K Ranch is a proud member of the American Beefalo Association.
This past summer breeding, we expanded our breed stock. We used four diffrent bulls.
We have had a great calving season this past Fall . We have fullblood stock; and our purebred Beefalo stock range between 35.8% to 37.4% bison.

We are looking forward to the next few years. We are have expanded our breeding program with AI (artificial insemination) and also with some hybrid Bison, which should be very exciting.

If you are interested, we can custom raise steers for you. Our steers should be ready by Fall 2017. If you have a preference on how they are fed, such as grain fed or grass fed, please contact us. We have the facilities to do both.
Our Beefalo
"Gabriel," our 9 year old fullblood bull, is 37.5% Bison, (3/8 Bison).
   He has bloodlines that go back to "Geronimo".
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All photos were taken here on Splitlimb Ranch.
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DOB: 3/5/14
 Purebred Beefalo bull.
  1. 75% bison
He is an AI Bull.
 Great Granfather is Johnny Reb.
We used these 3 bulls this past summer breeding season.
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"Apostles Creed"
DOB: 5/6/10
 Fullblood Beefalo bull.
  1. 7% bison
He is an AI Bull.
His sire is a bull named "Payday"