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The A&K Ranch is the farming side of the Splitlimb Ranch, in Raymondville, MO. A&K Ranch is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, in south central Missouri.
A&K Ranch is owned and operated by Andy and Kelly Dietsch. Andy and Kelly both enjoy working with animals and working in the great outdoors. They raise elk, Beefalo cattle, chickens, hogs (part of the year) and Flemish Giant rabbits. They also grow all their own vegetables in the summer, canning and freezing a variety of their produce. When they have excess, Kelly sells the vegetables at the local Farmer's Markets in Houston and Licking.
A&K Ranch also has brown, farm-fresh eggs for sale! Our chickens are free range, happy chickens. We raise a variety of brown egg layer hens -- Black Australorp, Barred Rock, Black Sex Link, Wyandottes, and Buff Orphingtons. Our chickens are supplemented with egg-layer pellets, but also are allowed to roam freely about the farm and garden.

A&K Ranch

Andy and Kelly began raising Beefalo cattle in 2009. Their herd at the present time consists of two "full blood" Beefalo bulls, named Gabriel and Apostle one "pure bred" beefalo bull named Diablo, and one Pure bred Corriente Bull and 75 beefalo cows, heifers, steers and calves.

Why Beefalo? Andy first started raising Beefalo 25 years ago in New Jersey. The herd he managed had up to 70 cows. Beefalo are popular for their low-fat, low-cholesterol meat, and their ability to graze almost anything and convert it to beef. Andy enjoyed working with them so much, he and his wife Kelly decided to start up a herd here in Missouri.

A&K Ranch is a proud member of the American Beefalo Association.
A&K Ranch also raises and sells Flemish Giant Rabbits. These "gentle giants" make great pets. They are also good meat rabbits due to their large size. Males weigh an average of 12-15 pounds, while females weigh an average of 15-20 pounds. Flemish Giants come in variety of colors. Kelly mainly raises sandies and fawns, but also has blacks, grays, and whites. Our breeding does are: Glenda, a light sandy; Gladys, a dark sandy; Gloria, a fawn; and Deliverance, a charcoal gray. Our bucks are: Silver King, a light gray; and Larry, a fawn. All of our rabbits are pure-bred Flemish Giants. Please call for availability.
A&K Ranch raise pigs part of the year. They buy feeder pigs, raise them up on the ranch, and slaughter them in the fall. Custom-slaughtered pork will be available for sale by the Fall of 2015. Andy has raised hogs for many years. At one time in New Jersey, Andy raised over 50 breeding sows. Our pigs are fed a daily diet of crushed corn, but are also fed "slop" and allowed to roam outside in their "yard".
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Andy and Kelly wanted to raise something different. They decided since they had all the high fencing already why not elk. They put in some breeding pens and now they raise elk. Working with elk is a lot different than any other animal Andy and Kelly have worked with, especially the bulls during the fall "rut". The bulls can be quite aggressive. The cows also are very protective of their calves during calving season, which is in June. They raise the elk for meat. Elk meat is very lean and has a very sweet taste to it, very different than venison.
There are two reasons Andy and Kelly started raising goats. The first is that they needed an animal that would “clean up” the weeds around some of the barns and sheds and along some of the fence rows. The second reason was goat meat. Since moving to this part of Missouri, Andy and Kelly found that there was a lack of ethnic food available compared to New Jersey, such as Greek, Indian, Asian and African. So Andy and Kelly cook their own favorite ethnic dishes, of which the main ingredient is goat meat. Any extra goats are sold.
The summer of 2012 was hot & dry.